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Boost marketing revenue

Virtual lead generation that feels in-house
Accelerate your sales pipeline with Cold Email + BDC

Increase Sales Opportunities With a Unique One-Stop Shop
Harvest ideal leads
Scale Cold Emails
Design a CRM that works for your team
Enhance long-term lead engagement
BDC appointment setter for your team


Partners & Platforms 

Why Should I Outsource My BDC? 

Save yourself time.
Make yourself money.

If your answers to these questions are yes, hit the chat button to get started. 

- Can't find time for sales outreach?

- You know what business
es you want to sell to, but you don't know how to contact the decision maker?

- T
ried sending mass emails only to get blacklisted or end up in spam? 


Small Business Strategy Meeting
Marketing Data Review

Get a Revenue Boost

Buenly has 10+ years of successful experience with B2B marketing and lead generation. 

We recently helped SaaS and Service companies grow their annual revenue by the millions. 

How? We designed a flexible system that works with your team's flow.


Our Services and Specialties 

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