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Generating revenue for small businesses

Revenue Operations and Business Consulting

We integrate disjointed systems, track and analyze P&L, and provide scalable growth models for businesses looking to reduce churn, grow teams, and increase their bottom line. 

What We Handle

Business Assessment

  • Assessment of department processes and integrations

  • Redundancy and disaster prevention check 

  • Areas of non-cohesion and profit loss 


Tech Stack and Integrations

  • Assess internal tools for efficient and reliable processes with lead handling and customer retention

  • Detect areas of opportunity for automation

  • Review CRM setup and configuration for efficiency and conversion

  • Integrate disjointed systems


Growth and Scaling

  • Enable rapid hiring and scaling

  • Strategize and outline sales pay, commissions, and company goals to achieve projected growth

  • Ensure company departments and management are scale-ready

  • Provide solutions for hiring and outsourcing 

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