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Generating revenue for Small Businesses

Cold Email Services

From domain purchase and DNS records to creating copy and cadences, our Cold Email Services are a turn-key solution to reach thousands of inboxes. 

What We Handle

Infrastructure Setup & Compliance

  • Domain purchases

  • DNS configuration

  • 3rd party platform configuration and maintenance


Email Copy & Cadences

  • We work with you to create high-conversion copy 

  • Boost traffic to your website and generate direct replies 

  • Establish long-term follow up cadences based on the user journey 



  • Track open and click rates

  • Track customer conversions in your CRM pipeline 


Add-on BDC

  • Dedicated reps conduct outreach to potential customers from opens and link clicks

  • Increase your booked appointments and hot leads

Email Marketing Business Audit



Ensure your infrastructure is in compliance and your copy is high conversion

Valid for one month

Review of email infrastructure and records (DNS, DKIM, SPF)

Review of marketing flow for cold emails and newsletters

Copy/cadence review and performance analysis

Receive a custom business audit with areas of improvement

Cold Outreach Pro | Partial BDC



Every month

Leverage your BDC to generate appointments

Valid until canceled

Infrastructure Setup (Domain, DNS, and 3rd party setups)

ICP List Scraping

Creative Copy and Campaign Cadence Creation

Weekly Reporting

Monthly review of campaigns and updates as needed

8,000 leads maximum

Dedicated BDC team to cultivate warm leads & book appts

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